Here’s what buyers and sellers need to know about our hot Boise market.

Right now is the best time to sell in the history of selling in our Boise market. Get your house on the market as soon as possible! Listing today will save more money and net more from the sale than by waiting. That’s because there’s less competition out there, but plenty of buyers that will bite.

Buyers: Call John Spiker, my preferred lender, at (208) 854-8407 and get your finances and credit in order. Be ready to strike. Yes, there will be plenty of multiple-offer situations, but we have a foolproof plan for our buyers that’s helped us achieve a 98% success rate in bidding wars.

Our Boise Treasure Valley is growing, and I’m here to help. Call me or email me today, I’d love to talk to you about your real estate needs.